Drug DetoxificationGreat importance is almost always placed on the idea of drug detox as it relates to drug treatment. You may wonder what exactly is involved in drug and alcohol detox, if drug detox is safe and if drug detox is necessary for you. We’re here to provide you with some clarity on the subject.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is the medically supervised process of cleansing your system of drugs or alcohol. Typically, a detox is performed at the beginning of a comprehensive drug rehab program, but detoxing does not necessarily have to accompany drug treatment. Detox is not always a comfortable experience, as many addicts experience varying degrees of withdrawal during the process.

Is Detox Safe?

Another commonly asked question is if drug detox is safe. If administered in the proper environment, drug detox is extremely safe. Unsupervised detoxes are not recommended because without proper supervision, you are more likely to relapse when withdrawal sets in. Fewer than 10 percent of self-rehab attempts are successful.

Another common reason why addiction treatment follows detox is to help ensure that you can manage any residual physical cravings for drugs or alcohol. These residual cravings will also tempt you to return to drugs; entering a treatment program can minimize this temptation.

Do You Need Drug Detox?

Often, you may not know if your addiction is one that requires drug detox. A few things to consider when deciding if detox is right for you are the type of addiction you have, the length of time you’ve been addicted and your willingness to fight your addiction.

Physical dependencies are the types of addictions that benefit the most from detox. This is because the key aspect of the addiction rests in the physical bond; when that’s broken, you can begin other steps toward recovery if you’re willing. Psychologically addictive drugs often can benefit from detox as well. Essentially, detox is never the wrong answer, no matter the addiction.

Additionally, the longer you’ve been addicted, the more you will benefit from drug detox. If your body has had more time to grow dependent, it will be harder to break the addiction. Withdrawal will potentially be more painful as well, making it even more important to participate in a professional detox program.

If you’re addicted to a substance like alcohol, opioids or crystal meth and you have been for some time, you should consider seeking drug detox. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline and we can assist you in finding a detox facility that is right for you.