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The toll that drug addiction takes is widely known. Each year, millions of people need but do not seek treatment for drug addiction for many reasons. If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol but are reluctant to accept traditional drug treatment, consider undergoing a period of detox. Once you understand the process behind detox, you may determine that you can benefit from additional addiction treatment.

What Is Drug Detox?

Simply put, rehab detox is the process that flushes toxins from your body. In an addict’s case, these toxins come from drugs or alcohol. The process itself is not as easy as the explanation, however, as detox can have withdrawal side effects that can be painful, uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous if not dealt with properly. Detox programs specialize in helping you remove the drugs from your system without bringing harm to yourself and reducing the likelihood of a relapse.

Why Choose Professional Detox for Houston Addicts?

Participating in a detox program that’s run by medical professionals is beneficial for a number of reasons. The first being that supervised detox greatly diminishes the chances of relapse. Most attempts to self-detox fail because you are unable to tolerate the withdrawal symptoms that occur when your body adjusts to no longer using drugs or alcohol. The second benefit is that doctors will be on hand to administer medications that can help minimize withdrawal pain.

Supervised detox helps you take the first step in recovery by showing you the potential that comes from living sober. Detox programs can be quite affordable as well, which makes them even more appealing to anyone who may have once felt that treatment was unattainable.

Choosing Drug Detox for Houston Addicts

If you would like to begin the process of changing your life, drug detox may be the way. Addictions to alcohol, heroin and prescription painkillers typically require detox but detox for cocaine and marijuana addictions is also highly suggested. A clean system is considered a fresh start to life without the physical pulls of addiction. After completing detox, you may choose to seek additional treatment to truly leave your addiction behind.

Detox facilities are available to you regardless of where you live. Whether it is an inpatient facility where you will stay for the duration of detox or an outpatient facility that administers methadone at particular intervals, the detox facility you choose should meet your needs. Contact us today and we’ll help you find a drug or alcohol detox center to turn your life around.