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Houston Drug Rehab DirectoryThe 2010 census found that the city of Houston has a population of over two million people, earning it the designation as the largest city in the state. Housing people of all ages, races, and economic situations, Houston is also considered a HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. What this means is that large quantities of drugs are both entering and leaving the city, putting residents at greater risk of exposure to drugs and possibly leading to higher instances of substance abuse. Knowledge of the drugs and treatment options available makes it easier to understand how to avoid drug addictions in the future.

Common Drugs of Abuse in Houston

The DEA has reported that marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the Houston area, as it is often imported from Mexico. Use of cocaine and heroin continues, as well as methamphetamine abuse. Pharmaceutical abuse has started to grow in the Houston area as well. These numbers remain relatively consistent with those that are found in other parts of the country, however, any level should be considered too high.

Drug Addiction Types in Houston

Drug addiction takes on many forms, from physical to emotional dependencies, and all drugs affect you somewhat differently than they may affect someone else. Understanding the basic types of addiction is important to helping you choose the right treatment. Your personal symptoms may differ but they can be used as a baseline to help you make your treatment determination. There are two major forms of addiction — physical and psychological — though many drugs have characteristics of both.

Physical addictions come from heroin and prescription pain medication, and cause you to endure harsh withdrawal symptoms. Physical addictions are treated through inpatient and outpatient rehab programs, though if the addiction is advanced, inpatient treatment is almost always necessary. Detox rehab is a common part of inpatient treatment as well.

Cocaine and methamphetamines lead to psychological dependencies after just the first use. These addictions can be just as complicated to break as their physical counterparts and may result in long-term psychological issues. Inpatient rehab is also recommended for crystal meth addiction, although marijuana addictions can oftentimes be treated through outpatient rehab. Essentially, the treatment you’ll need depends completely on your addiction and its severity.