Galveston Treatment Programs

Galveston Drug Treatment Programs
Galveston is a well-known port city just south of the city of Houston. Unlike cities like Sugar Land, Galveston is not considered especially wealthy. The majority of its population of roughly 60,000 makes a living through tourism and shipping practices. Unfortunately, even this small town is not without those who suffer from drug or alcohol addictions. For Galveston addicts, it’s important to understand what it means to be addicted and know how to get the help needed.

Signs of Drug or Alcohol Addiction in Galveston Residents

Alcohol and drug addiction is not always readily apparent. Many suffer in silence for months, managing to maintain relatively normal lives, before a friend or family member is able to notice that something isn’t quite right. Often you may try to hide how much you drink, inject or smoke from family but as time goes on it will be noticed.

The most noticeable signs of drug addiction are the physical changes you undergo. Certain addictions can cause your appetite to change, energy levels to rise and fall rapidly and even affect your moods. If you attempt to go without the drug, you may physically or mentally crave more of it, even going as far as to commit illegal acts to obtain it.

Why Galveston Addicts Should Choose Rehab

Rehab for your drug addiction has the potential to save your life. Drug and alcohol abuse has been linked to cancers, brain damage, heart attacks and death. Overdose, suicide and driving while under the influence are all common and unnecessary causes of death for addicts. If treated quickly and effectively, many of these conditions can be avoided.

Types of Rehab for Galveston Addicts

Addiction treatment can be as intense as you need it to be. Most addicts need structure and supervision in order to beat their addiction, and an inpatient program is the right choice. If you can accept more responsibility from a less structured treatment method, outpatient care might be the best choice. Inpatient care can last up to three months, sometimes longer, but outpatient care can be provided on an as-needed basis. Often, these two treatment structures are used together to provide long-term treatment for your addiction.

Your commitment to your recovery plays a large role in what treatment type you choose. Our helpline is here to discuss your many options and give you any guidance you need in picking a drug rehab facility for your needs.