Vicodin RehabilitationOver 16 million people in the US have used a prescription drug for a non-prescription purpose. Vicodin is one such drug, known for its highly addictive nature. Vicodin is so addictive that the FDA has proposed a ban on the drug in attempt to slow potential abuse.

Vicodin Facts

Vicodin is an opiate-based narcotic commonly prescribed to people experiencing severe pain. In many cases, however, doctors will choose not to administer Vicodin because even small amounts have the potential to cause addiction. Vicodin is, unfortunately, one of the most commonly abused non-illegal drugs in the country. In Houston, Texas alone, prescription drug abuse effects 4.1 percent of people ages 12 and over. Just under 10 percent of high school seniors admit to having used Vicodin. Ultimately, Vicodin abuse has no age limit.

The active ingredient in Vicodin, hydrocodone, targets certain chemicals in the brain in order to dull the pain response. This also leads to physical and mental cravings for the drug whenever you experience additional pain, which is part of what makes Vicodin so dangerous to use. Once dependent, your body will build a tolerance to the drug. This leads to increased consumption.

Vicodin Withdrawal and Treatment

When you increase your Vicodin consumption, it becomes more difficult for you to cease taking the drug because of the physical reaction you experience. This is known as withdrawal. All opioids experience notably similar withdrawal symptoms, including:

  • Profuse sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Increased pain

The unpleasantness of these symptoms makes it difficult to go without the drug for even short amounts of time. Withdrawal also has the potential to be deadly, as severe depression can lead to suicide or self-harm. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should consider seeking Vicodin rehab detox as soon as possible.

Rehabilitation programs exist to help make withdrawal bearable so you can overcome the physical and eventually the mental pulls of your addiction. Although there are many choices, inpatient treatment is the most commonly recommended rehab program for a Vicodin addiction. Inpatient rehab provides the chance to detox and receive group and individual therapy in the same facility without fear of outside influences. All inpatient treatment is supervised by medical staff in order to assure a safe recovery.

Finding Vicodin Rehabilitation Programs

Our helpline is here to assist you in finding a Vicodin rehab program that meets your needs.